About Us


One Love Productions was birth in the Holy Spirit to Allan and Angela Caligone.

Allan Caligone, CCC
Angela E. Caligone, CCC

Due to our past failed marriages with others we decided this marriage would have to honor God.

This would be our second chance at life together and our first time to share a marriage after being re-united 18 years later.

In order, to find out exactly what was expected from God, we immediately began acquiring tools to apply to our marriage - God's Word - His Will -His Way.

After attending several marriage conferences as well as attending marriage classes, the call was apparent that there was a need for tools in "all" marriages in order to survive today's obstacles and
distractions. And He wanted us to hand deliver them to his people.

We decided to share our life lessons and past experiences with other married couples. We joined the Married Ministry at our local church and began facilitating classes.

We continued our education in Biblical and Family Lifeskills and have become Certified Trauma Resolution Therapists and have received Board Certification as Certified Christian Counselors

One Love Production staff includes:

  • Allan R. Caligone, Exec Dir of Business Development
  • Angela E. Caligone, Author Relations
  • Ricardo Edwards, Exec Dir of Insights and Visions

We have adopted a Christian Couple which has been married for 4o+ years as our mentors to confirm our motives and actions.

One Love Productions - God's Servants