"A Mother's Love Continues"


Released : November 2008

Book Video Trailer: A Mother's Love Continues - By Angela E. Caligone


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Caligone does it again!  If you have not read "A Mother's Love, Part I" get it!  You will laugh and cry at the same time as you turn pages and watch the drama of a life well lived leap from the pages.  And "Part II" of her story is going to keep you on the edge of your seat with anticipation as you read the entire book in one sitting.  There are stories and there are testimonies.  This book is a testimony that has come to fruition from the tests and trials of one young lady who has had the hand of God on her life the entire time.  God has always blessed, favored, helped, sustained, navigated, protected and prospered this wonderful woman of God!  Caligone is not just some budding author with great ideas.  She is a woman whose life's story has been graced by God to empower others as they take the journey!  This book is a must read!  It's awesome!

Dr. John R. Adolph
Pastor, Antioch Missionary Baptist Church , Beaumont , Texas

This autobiographical journal captures the essence of Angela's pilgrimage from being an unhappy child, to becoming a gifted and zealous woman of God.  As she shares many of her innermost thoughts, she shows us how to weather the storms of life through faith and hope.

In reading these reflections, we are all challenged to strip away superficial beliefs about motherhood, and realize that A Mother's Love is only real when it is expressed to a child in words, deeds, and prayer.  To those who are in need of encouragement during difficult times, this is the book to read.

 Dr. L. Barksdale
Pastor, Fifth Ward Missionary Baptist Church , Houston , Texas

“As with A Mother's Love , Angela disarms us with her vulnerability, taking us where many of us wouldn't go on our own. A Mother's Love… Continues provides help to heal us from intentional or unintentional wounds of our past inflicted by our very own family. Priceless is Angela's gentle ability to reveal that our freedom from emotional slavery is linked to our willingness to forgive our family members and others who hurt us. Reading A Mother's Love…Continues gives us the key to unlock our chain of pain of our past, opening the door to a life of fulfillment as we live out destiny.”

Dr. Clarence Shuler , President/CEO
Building Lasting Relationships, Inc., Colorado Springs , CO