Episode 1: Al and Angela are showcasing their creativeness of taking a carpenters pencil and using it as a powerful

tool to help communication. They believe you are to 'Measure twice and cut once' before you speak.

Episode 2 : Al and Angela Speak on STG....Short Term Goal of learning how to talk to yourself,

encourage and discipline yourself. Know your self worth!

Episode 3: Use Your COMMON SENSES.

Al and Angela sharing (STG) short term goals on weekly show


Episode 4: Let's Talk About Sex...Babie!!!
Sharing some 'truths' about sex.

Episode 5: Charasmatic couple sharing life lessons. It's all starts with the eyes.

The longer you look at something the more you are going to want it.

"Don't wait to become blind to see" ~ Angela E. Caligone

Episode 6: Charismatic duo does it again,sharing life lessons they

have experienced in life. you gotta watch the comic end."Tough tiddie, but the milk is sweet"

Episode 7: Trying to help somebodies, ya'll. Charasmatic duo learning from others mistakes.

Episode 8:When you fall off the must know how to float!


Episode 9: Al and Angela casual conversation about Charlie Sheen, current events and Angela's colonoscopy

experience. Feeling good on medical stimulations from the drugs and applejuice.