Daughters of a Mother's Love Conference



presented by
One Love Productions
Al and Angela Caligone
Certified Christian Counselors
Trauma Resolution Therapists

Hosted by:
Author - Angela E. Caligone


Save the date: June 25-26 & October 1-2


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Our goal is to give young ladies in age (12-17), a ‘foundation’ that will stand for a lifetime.
This conference offers valuable life lessons that are priceless.
At the forefront of this time together, we will discuss, discover and design the future of our teens:

    • ‘Love’ is not a Fairytale
    • Boyfriends are not for making babies
    • Dancing w/the wolf  vs. ‘A Star’
    • Self-esteem Building
    • Obedience vs. Disobedience
    • Choices = Consequences
    • How / When to say, NO!
    • Proper hygiene


    Scheduled of Events:


    • Friday Evening Gala: (7pm) Dinner, Dance, Comedy and more
    • Friday Night: PJ/Slumber Party (Structured Open Topic Discussions w/Chaperon) (Security provided)
    • Saturday Morning: Hot Breakfast, Lessons in Finances and Relationships (9-12n)


    Price also includes:

    Parents Informative Session (9a-12n)
    * Hot Breakfast (9-10a)
    * Financial Wisdom ~ Licensed Advisor (10 – 11a)
    * Teen Traps ~ School Administrator (11- 12n)

    Conference cost only: $60 (space is limited)

    Number of Attendees


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    Facts to ponder as we STOP THE CYCLE!


    Without foundation statistics show teens can go astray and make wrong decisions, i.e.: teen pregnancy!

    • Pregnant and parenting students often face challenges to graduating from high school because of a lack of system-wide supports.  STOP THE CYCLE!

    • According to one source, seventy percent of female students who become pregnant drop out of high school.  STOP THE CYCLE!

    • One in three female dropouts who responded to a national survey said that pregnancy or becoming a parent was a significant factor in their decision to dropout.  STOP THE CYCLE!

    • Young fathers tend to complete an average of one semester of school less than young men who delay fatherhood until age 21 or later.  STOP THE CYCLE!

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    Contact Info:
    Al or Angela Caligone
    Web: www.amotherslove.info
    E-mail: acaligone@amotherslove.info
    Phone: 281-530-5799